Organization: WizEar Trust

Project title: Using AI to bridge Communication gaps: Making Hearing a reality.

Regions: Website African Region – throughout region, Zimbabwe

Outline of the event:

Last year WizEar won the Innovators Award from CBM through the new Shandurai Application. The Application uses Artificial Intelligence to create a two way communication between a hearing and non hearing person. The hearing will get the message as voice or text while the non hearing will get it as Sign language through using an android Phone. The App will be officially launched on the 3rd of March as part of our commemoration of the WHD2023. It will also be on Googleplay.
On this day we intend to invite 40 Policy Makers from various government Ministries to witness first hand how the Application works. Once we get buy in from Policy makers this will help advocate for Inclusive education and Health for people with Hearing Loss. Before the meeting, various promotions of WHD2023 will run from 1st February on all Social Media platforms as well as on radio and TV.

Submitter: Lucia Nkomo Nkomo