Organization: Operation Ear Drop Kenya

Project title: Sporting activities for deaf/Ear and Hearing Screening in schools/Launch of EHC Program

Regions: Kenya

Outline of the event:

1.Questionnaire hearing assessment and screening audiometry to 5,000 patients. 2.To reach at least 5Million Kenyans at the County level through awareness campaign in digital Media, print media, communication and social media 3.Enhance capacity building of ENT surgeons, nurses, ENT clinical officers, Audiological personnel, and ENT registrars. 4.Increase public awareness in the area of hearing awareness especially on the HearWHO app. 5. The patients will be relieved of pain from the ear. 6.There will be reduced number of ear infection. 7.There will be faster recovery from ear infection. 8.Prevention of eardrum ruptures through follow up interventions 9.Improved hearing of patients/children. 10. Policy to control the level of noise in recreatinal centres. 11. Hearing Health Education on safe listening.

Submitter: Charles Ogutu