Organization: Ambulatory Healthcare Services- SEHA, Pure Health

Project title: World Hearing Day 2023

Regions: United Arab Emirates

Outline of the event:

AHS Audiology Team like previous years organised successful community awareness program on Ear and Hearing Care with support from Chief Medical Officer’s office AHS- SEHA though social media as well as news paper focusing on Hearing care and Audiology. Annual World hearing Day webinar was conducted for improving awareness on Audiology services available and early identification/management of Hearing loss for all AHS staff. Several patients in need for hearing aids but couldn’t afford were surprised by AHS on world hearing day with free hearing aids. Special focus was given on awareness of Hearing services in Primary Care setting, preventable Hearing loss as well as early treatment of Hearing loss for Dementia prevention. Also success stories were highligted through media.

Submitter: Snithin Sasheendran