Organization: University of Nottingham

Project title: A James Lind Alliance (JLA) Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) in Coexisting Dementia and Hearing Conditions

Regions: United Kingdom of Great Britan and Northern Ireland

Outline of the event:

Research has shown a link between hearing loss and conditions that affect memory and cognition, including mild cognitive impairment and dementia. Despite a large amount of evidence of the individual impact of either dementia or hearing conditions (e.g., hearing loss, hyperacusis, tinnitus) can have on a person, little is known about the needs, concerns and priorities of those who experience both conditions together.

On World Hearing Day 2023, we are launching a James Lind Alliance (JLA) Priority Setting Partnership (PSP), to identify and prioritise unanswered research questions about coexisting dementia and hearing conditions. The PSP will bring together people living with dementia and hearing conditions, their families and clinicians. This will ensure that researchers, policymakers and research funders understand what matters to a wide range of people whose lives are affected by dementia and hearing conditions.

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Submitter: Sian Calvert