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Organization: Thomas More University of Applied Sciences: Speech language pathology and Audiology department

Project title: Soundscapes in audiology (‘Soundscapes in beeld’)

Regions: Belgium

Outline of the event:

The main theme of the day is to explore what the impact is of our surrounding soundscape on our hearing, communication, functioning, and well-being.

The following speakers will guide audiologists, SLPs, and ENTs into the wonderful world of soundscapes in audiology:
– Annelies Bockstael: Soundscape and audiology: creating better sound environments for communicating, functioning and well-being.
– Berdien De Herdt: My patient complains of hearing a humming sound. What can I do as an audiologist?
– Mark Laureyns: What are the consequences of living and working in noise? The link between noise acceptance and burnout.
– Jan de Sutter: Classroom acoustics: How does Soundfield affect teachers and students?
– Ellen Moerman: Insight in Personal Noise Exposure

For more information (in Dutch):

Hope to see you on 4 March!

Submitter: Wendy Dhaenens