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Organization: Pakistan Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences

Project title: Suno Pakistan (Hear Pakistan)

Regions: Pakistan

Outline of the event:

There are an estimated 187 million mobile phone users in Pakistan and 77% are 21-30 years. An individual makes or receives an average 3-5 calls per day (estimated 552 million calls per day). Project “Suno Pakistan” is to record a short, 10-15 second message in national language Urdu on hearing care that a caller will listen while waiting for call to be answered. Message is “Suno Pakistan – apni samaat ki hifazat keren. Samaat ki kamzoori ki surat mein iss ki jaanch keren” Samaat ki aagahi ka aalmi din. 3rd March 2023 (Hear Pakistan – Care for your hearing. In case of hearing impairment, check your hearing – World Hearing Day 3 March 2023). This will remain on telecommunication network for 24 hours for 187 million users.
This project will be carried out in consultation with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Ministry for Health Services, Regulation and Coordination.

Submitter: Aliya Q. Khan