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Organization: Centrum Słuchu i Mowy MEDINCUS

Project title: ”Ear and hearing care for all! Let’s avoid hearing loss problems”

Regions: Poland

Outline of the event:

We want to put emphasis on increasing ear and hearing problems, including hearing loss problems in society. Our planned activity would consist of 3 parts.
We will make free hearing tests in 5 big cities in Poland to identify people hearing problems on 3rd March 2023 (World Hearing Day). That day we will also stream interesting webinar concerning the WHD 2023 topic: prophylaxis, symptoms, problems, hearing tests etc. with speakers: a primary care doctor, an otorhinologist and an audiophonology specialist / hearing aid technician. The webinar record would be accessible on CSIM MEDINCUS Youtube channel, so everyone could watch it and get to know about hearing loss issues. We are going to promote WHO awareness materials for the day in social media and our website.

Submitter: Agnieszka Orlińska