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Organization: Ministry of health

Project title: World hearing day 2023

Regions: Oman

Outline of the event:

– A national workshop for Ear health care will be held on February 12 / 2023. The aim is to review the activities of the governorates
discuss challenges and solutions during 2022.
– ENT doctors, the nursing staff and health educators are going to Raised awareness of increasing numbers of patients with hearing
impairment, contributing factors, signs and symptoms indicating hearing defect and ways of prevention.
– This health education activity will be in different locations in Oman including health centers waiting areas, schools and in places in
the community targeting different age groups. The health educators utilized WHO education materials produced in Arabic including
banners and leaflets for further approach.
– Conducted a Celebration Day in all governorate
– health education materials are going to distribute (Electronic health educational materials) as well

Submitter: Saleh Al Harbi