Projects listed excude those projects which had no specific region identified (such as website or global membership programs)


Organization: Centre For Disability in Development (CDD)

Project title: Campaign for Ear and Hearing care for all.

Regions: Bangladesh

Outline of the event:

Participating in the National Level program (organized by Govt. of Bangladesh): A team from CDD will participate in the national level program. Usually this type of program organized by the National Institute of ENT in collaboration with DG health, INGOs, other organizations working on hearing.

Workshop: Several workshops will be organized where the participants from national stakeholders as well as our partner organizations, OPDs, members from SHG and Apex Bodies can participate.

Awareness Session: Through partner NGOs of CDD, awareness sessions will be conducted with Self-Help Group members, students, teachers, guardians and overall community people regarding the Ear and Hearing Care. This year special attention will be given to health service providers and the decision makers.

Rally & Discussion Session: Rally and subsequent meetings will be organized by the partner NGOs of CDD at their working areas.

Ear Screening: CDD planned to organize 05 ear screening program in different locations.

Submitter: Syed Salam