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Organization: Cochlear Benelux

Project title: World Hearing Day 23 mini-event at Cochlear Mechelen

Regions: Belgium

Outline of the event:

In honour of the WHO’s World Hearing Day 2023, we are excited to welcome a number of guests to speak around this year’s theme of “ear and hearing care for all”. The aim of this mini-event is to widen the view of our colleagues (mainly engineers, sales and marketing staff and audiologists) on the hearing healthcare landscape. Topics will be: Hearing Care Access in Europe (Lidia Best, president EFHOH), Hearing screening for young children (Elien Van den Borre, ExpORL), Healthy Hearing program at the Special Olympics (Anke Bruggeman, Special Olympics), Referral program (Laurens Soens, Amplifon, and Kris Petre, Cochlear).

Submitter: Pauline Vandenbroecke