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Organization: RUSH University AuD Program

Project title: Ear and hearing care for all! Making it a reality at RUSH!

Regions: United States

Outline of the event:

The RUSH AuD program will utilize social media posts to highlight its ongoing and planned local, national, and international outreach efforts. Across six posts, beginning on March 3rd, we will spotlight: (1) World Hearing Day; (2) Hearing the Call Chicago-West, a campaign to reduce barriers to hearing healthcare and through which 14 patients were recently fit with donated hearing aids in our Student Community Outreach Program of Excellence (SCOPE) clinic; (3) current RUSH-affiliated hearing outreach work in the Dominican Republic, led by RUSH AuD graduates and current students; (4) a planned RUSH SAA volunteer trip to provide hearing screenings to an underserved community in Appalachia; (5) RUSH AuD and SLP students providing hearing screenings and education at the annual Back to School Fair; and (6) a planned Lunch and Learn with AuD and SLP faculty for Better Hearing & Speech Month directed to RUSH physicians and other healthcare providers.

Submitter: Winston Amy