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Organization: Al Nahdha Hospital, Directorate General of Khoula Hospital, Ministry of Health, Oman

Project title: World Hearing Day 2023

Regions: Oman

Outline of the event:

Audiology department at Al Nahdha Hospital, will conduct, world hearing day 2023 on 6 March at Al Nahdha Hospital main conference hall under the patronage of Dr. Mazin Al Khabori.
Target audiences: policy makers, General practitioners, School hearing care nurses, ENT medical officers, audiologist’s and speech and language pathologists.
There will be lectures delivered by ENT consultants and audiologists, based on the theme of WHO Hearing day 2023 Theme ” Ear and Hearing Care for All. It is a full day event. Lectures are prepared taking into account the target audiences.

Submitter: Taji Al Balushi