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Organization: Ministry of Health , Tanzania

Project title: Awareness raising and screening of ear diseases in communities

Regions: United Republic of Tanzania

Outline of the event:

The Ministry has organized events towards Commemoration of World hearing day 2023. the planned events includes raising awareness on issues related to hearing as well as loss of hearing. The events will involve airing through local radios as well as community radios and use of social media. We intend to conduct symposium whereby various topics will be presented. This year the event will take place in Mwanza region and our hosp is Bugando medical centre. The screening is planned to start 01 March 2023 until 3rd MARCH, 2023 where a total of 1000 people are anticipated to be screened. Simple procedures will be conducted in tents that will be used during screening and complex cases will be referred for further management at the Consultant hospital

Submitter: Msafiri Kabulwa