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Organization: Departamento de Fonoaudiología, Universidad de Chile

Project title: Ear and hearing care for all. // Cuidado del oído y la audición para todos!

Regions: Chile

Outline of the event:

For this event, we will make available in Youtube the on-demand seminar “Primary Health Care: Ear and hearing care for all”, with the following talks:
1. Where are we in PHC? national context in Chile (Javiera Vivanco, MINSAL)
2. Rehabilitation program for older adults with hearing loss in primary health care centres. (Sebastian Rivera, UST)
3. Challenges in hearing care: pendemic of recreational noise in young people? (Macarena Bowen, UChile)
4. Vertigo in PHC: future challenges (Claudio Millahuaique, DAS, Coronel)

Youtube channel:

Submitter: Maca Bowen