Organization: JSS Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysuru

Project title: World Hearing Day 2023

Regions: India

Outline of the event:

The activities planned for World Hearing Day 2023 aim to reach the unreached in society and educate them regarding ear and hearing care. Creating awareness about ear and hearing care, hearing screening programs, free hearing testing on World hearing day, providing audiological services to the rural population, educating teachers and public are a few of the activities planned for World Hearing Day 2023. Walkathon, Flash-mob, and publishing article in the newspaper are planned to reach the society. Discussion regarding the role of an Audiologist in the hearing assessment and management with the doctors will also be held. Awareness regarding the protection of ear and hearing from noise among those working in factories and construction site is also aimed at. The activities are planned to make society understand the importance of ear and hearing care.

Submitter: JSS Institute of Speech and Hearing Mysuru