Organization: Xuzhou Society of Audiology. Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical University

Project title: World Hearing Day event

Regions: China

Outline of the event:

In order to enhance awareness of ear protection, we plan to hold an one-day expert clinic in the Outpatient Hall of the Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical University on March 3, that is, World Hearing Day. In addition, we will also design posters to display World Hearing Day and conduct an one-month popular science promotion on the official account. We hope to take this opportunity to popularize the relevant knowledge of ear diseases, to make people understand the etiology, harm, prevention and rehabilitation methods of hearing loss, and to improve the awareness of deafness prevention. Carry on the education of “early detection, early diagnosis and early rehabilitation”, so as to prevent and reduce the occurrence of ear disease.

Submitter: jiang wen