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Organization: E.N.T. Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University

Region: China

Title: A series of celebrations of 2023 WHD in Nanjing, Jiangsu


1. Advocating the WHD throughout China, by disseminating the 2023 WHD theme and official materials to hospitals and medical institutions in the whole country, to attract more participation and engagement of 2023 WHD activities;
2. Free consultancy in outpatient area and ENT wards, with flash dance titled Protect My Hearing to promote safe listening;
3. Lectures and on-site guidance on safe listening and EHC health in Communities and Rehabilitation School for Deaf Children;
4. Media publication and public awareness raising activities, including newspaper, TV, intent and WeChat broadcast, etc.

Live Event: Yes

Hearing Screening: Yes

Social Media: No

Authorities or policymakers: No

Influencers or celebrities: No

free EHC consultancy in the community for eldly and children

Live EHC promotion in Jiangsu Province Hospital, Nanjing

Prof. Xingkuan BU making patient education on safe listening

the prescription paper ENT doctors used during live events