Organization: Eckel Noise Control Technologies

Project title: Eckel Noise Control Technologies – SNS Reaching out.

Regions: Canada

Outline of the event:

Eckel will create new SNS Posts using WHO materials. Eckel will publish it on its SNS account such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok. Eckel’s SNS account has steady 5,000 visits per week, 10,000 views per week. Most of followers are audiologist and architectures who are very closed to first step of preventing hearing lose.

We will be following rules or suggestions of WHO. You may refer to our last year’s post about World Hearing Day Activities on 2021 report or our SNS.

Project activity: [29]

Target audience: [31]

Event format: [32]

Expected reach: [33]

Policymakers involved? [34]

Using WHO campaign material? [37]

Promotion planning:


Submitter: Hyungu Han