Organization: RIHRDO (Rural Infrastructure and Human Resource Development Organization )

Project title: Submission of EOI (Expression of interest) For the Hiring of local Implementing Partnership In Lakki Marwat, Tank, KP, Pakistan


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Respected Sir,

Greeting from RIHRDO!

I hope you will be fine. Rural Infrastructure & Human Resource Development Organization (RIHRDO) is registered with Social Welfare Department under voluntary social welfare act 1961 & Charity Commission KP. the organization has implemented many projects/activities in Girls Education, Health, Environment & Climate change ,Youth leadership Activities, Women Empowerment, and Provision of clean drinking water in KPK since 2006 on self-help and with support of donors. The Organization is also active in All Districts KPK, Pakistan.

South Region KP, Pakistan Districts is plain and Settle area. Districts is very backward. Most of the people of this area are labours and farmers and some of them are professionals, belonging to a poor class.

Average family comprising of 8 members, out of which only one are two people are earning hand for his/her family. Poverty and grumbling low literacy rate are the main and acute problems of the villagers, most of the People daily wagers, laborers and live in below poverty.

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Submitter: Balqiaz khan