Organization: DYPATIL University School of Medicine

Project title: DYPATIL University celebrates World Hearing Day 2022

Regions: India

Outline of the event:

An event was organised in Pushpanjali Auditorium in DYPATIL Hospital to raise awareness about World Hearing Day and Neonatal Hearing Screening on March 4, 2022. This event was well attended by pediatricians and ENT surgeons and audiologists and other health care workers. The awareness talks centred on Safe Listening and early detection and rehabilitation of hearing loss in children. Pediatrician Dr Shweta Nair spoke about how hearing was fundamental to the all round development of a child. Audiologist Pallavi Wase spoke about Hearing Loss being an emergency and requiring rehabilitation with hearing aid or cochlear implant and audio verbal therapy. Otolaryngologist Dr Yogesh Dabholkar spoke about the problems in implementing UNHS and how hearing rehabilitation should be accessible and affordable to all. In the panel discussion which followed, pediatrician Dr Leena Deshpande spoke about how to approach a child with delayed speech, how to detect other syndromes associated with hearing loss and the importance of a multi-disciplinary team for Pediatric hearing loss. Dr Bhavika Verma Bhatt spoke about safe listening and how to conserve hearing so that it lasts for life.

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Submitter: Yogesh Dabholkar