Organization: Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility

Project title: 2022 World Hearing Day Webinar on Hearing Health and Safe Listening

Regions: Canada

Outline of the event:

The Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility will be hosting a live webinar on March 3 on safe listening. For our event the key message is how to protect ones hearing from everyday noise. The audience will learn the importance of maintaining safe listening in environments where unsafe noise is common. Tips will be shared on how to stay within a safe daily sound allowance, and opportunities will be given for participants to share ways they practice safe listening. The event will be in partnership with the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association British Columbia Chapter and Vancouver branch. The format of the event will be a panel consisting of an audiologist, policy maker, and persons with hearing loss. We will conduct a live poll and questions to be answered by participants. The common goal will be helping our members to adopt techniques to preserve their hearing.

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Submitter: Ruth Warick