Organization: specialist center “9 doctors” Petra Prearodovic 27 ,Banja Luka , Republic of Srpska ,Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Project title: “Ear and hearing care for all! Let’s make it a reality”.

Regions: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Outline of the event:

We plan to inform the citizens of Republika Srpska about the importance of preservation and protection of hearing functions, early diagnosis of congenital hearing impairments, inclusion of the patient in the therapeutic protocol, timely diagnosis of inflammatory processes, proper treatment of inflammatory processes in the ears, which would leave permanent consequences for hearing function. and permanent problems in the functioning of patients.
Promote and familiarize patients with all activities that can help preserve hearing function for a longer period of time, so that they have as few side effects as possible. We can get to know the patients through lectures, posters in the city and health institutions, through public information.

Submitter: Zorica Pusara