Organization: Hearing Nelson, Manger – Pete Dowling

Project title: Tinnitus Relief Community Talk

Regions: New Zealand

Outline of the event:

We are lucky enough to have secured Tania Linford of to fly in from Auckland and deliver 3x one hour talks across Nelson on World Hearing Day this year. She comes highly recommended to us after talking at the National Ear Health Conference last year. As a not-for-profit Hearing Association of 70 years, we find that tinnitus is one of the most talked about subject with our clients and we are hoping for a great turnout to these event. We have started advertising on social media, in our quarterly newsletter and out in the community, with posters displayed at all 3 event centres too. We will combine these talks with some of the content that we teach from our Dangerous Decibels school hearing loss prevention awareness program too.

Submitter: Pete Dowling