Organization: Hearing Matters Podcast, LLC

Project title: “The Hearing Healthcare Model: A Team-Based Approach.”

Regions: Website

Outline of the event:

The Hearing Matters Podcast will be hosting a LIVE, virtual event to raise awareness of hearing healthcare and how essential the relationship is between primary care providers and hearing healthcare professionals. We will be joined by top thought leaders who have experience working directly with patients who present with hearing loss and cognitive decline. In addition, a few of our guests are current hearing aid users who will share their experience working with hearing healthcare professionals and how they successfully acclimated to their new hearing world. By attending this virtual event you will learn:

1. How primary care physicians play an integral role in the hearing healthcare industry.
2. The importance of getting your hearing checked.
3. The comorbidities linked to untreated hearing loss.
4. What companies and providers are doing to create greater access and affordability to hearing healthcare.

Submitter: Blaise Delfino