Organization: AICECantabria – Asociación de Implantados Cocleares de Cantabria – Federación AICE

Project title: Semana de la Audición – Hearing Week – AICECantabria

Regions: Spain

Outline of the event:

Starting on the 25th february, International Cochlear Implant Day until 3rd March, World Hearing Day, AICCV
will do events and divulgation in different cities around Cantabria Region.
1) Press conference presentation of the Hearing Week. 2) Stand in front on Plaza del Pombo in Santander to give information and do hearing tests with HearWHO App. 3) Round Table: “The improvement of hearing with the cochlear implant and
other hearing aids” Moderator: ENT Doctor, Gonzalez Riancho. participate, speech therapists, hearing care professionals & CI users
4) Storytelling and acoustic guitar music concert 5) Theater Crinoline Scene C / Isaac Peral, 9 Santander. 6) TORRELAVEGA 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. -> Hearing Week dissemination table 7) Puppets with the “Puppeteers” 8) The municipalities that will light their facades at night have yet to be specified with color on the occasion of International Cochlear Implant Day and World Hearing Day.

Submitter: Laia Zamora