Organization: Shomea

Project title: Hearing care for all, tackling the problem from birth; a model for Primary Health Care settings in Sub-Saharan Africa

Regions: Cameroon

Outline of the event:

We intend to carry out free screening of hearing in new-born babies and to create awareness for hearing care for all.
The project location would be post-natal clinics within two health districts in the biggest cities in Cameroon (Douala and Yaounde), targeting both babies born in hospitals and in the communities.
Activities of the week will start with social media, radio and Television sensitization on hearing care inviting people to designated locations for screening. Screening proper would be done over a period of three days to capture as many children as possible testing for Otoacoustic Emissions. Babies who fail this test would be included in our follow-up program for further testing and rehabilitation.
Through this project, we intend to create awareness to health care workers, policy makers and to the population on the importance of routine screening of hearing from birth to ensure timely rehabilitation and to mitigate stigmatization.

Submitter: gaelle vOFO