Organization: Dr. Sunil’s Vertigo & ENT Clinic

Project title: Dr. Cherlopalli Sunil Kumar

Regions: India

Outline of the event:

World Hearing Day 2023 activities to raise awareness and promote ear and hearing care (EHC) by Dr. C Sunil Kumar at Dr. Sunil’s Vertigo & ENT Clinic.
1.Clinic,Time period-03/03/2023 to 11/03/2023
a.Screening for hearing loss–Audiometry screening
b.Treatment of preventable hearing loss–due to infections
c.A stall will be put up to display of the World hearing day theme 2023 and posters.
2.School–Talk will be given for students and parents regarding prevention of hearing loss, diagnosis & management of hearing loss & ear check up.
3.To create awareness among public & patients–video message will be created by Dr. C Sunil Kumar,ENT,Head & Neck Surgeon regarding education of people of ear care, prevention of hearing loss.
4.Distribution of ear plugs to risk groups–shop keepers, vendors in the bus stand and other areas of the city where there is loud sound.
5.awareness of prevention & treatment of hearing loss related brochures will be distributed.

Submitter: Dr.Cherlopalli Sunil kumar ENT CLINIC