Organization: Maruthi Gastrocare Hospital, Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, India

Project title: P Karthikeyan Consultant ENT Surgeon

Regions: India

Outline of the event:

On 3-3-2023, Friday At 9:00am We E.N.T surgeons along with the trainee students will gather in front of the collector office, Cuddalore to spread the awareness of the importance of hearing to the public by conducting a rally. The rally will be headed by Dr.P.Karthikeyan, Consultant ENT Surgeon, Maruthi Gastrocare hospital, Cuddalore, Tamilnadu and will be started by Superintendent of Police, Cuddalore who will be waving the green flag for the commencement of the rally. Banners, placards, posters & slogans will be displayed in a “silent rally”, circulating the message of ‘significance of hearing’ while portraying the unique idea of ‘Anti-noise rally’
At around 11:00 AM, Dr.Karthikeyan, along with other ent surgeons planning for a hearing screening camp at Maruthi gastrocare Hospital, Cuddalore where around 200 orphan children will be screened for any hearing loss. A Radio program will be aired showcasing the importance of ear and hearing care.

Submitter: Karthikeyan Padmanabhan