Organization: Tanzania ENT society

Project title: Hearing health education and screening

Regions: United Republic of Tanzania

Outline of the event:

The event will take place at Bugando medical center,Mwanza Tanzania
*Hearing health education on safe hearing, prevent of hearing loss, early symptoms of hearing loss which are not commonly known by most of the people in general population, early consultation to the appropriate person in case of problem, regular hearing check up Incase at risks ,treatment options in case of hearing loss and complications of hearing loss
**Group discussion with clients
**Posters and banners
**Clinic ear examination and treatment of mild ear diseases e.g Ear wax removal, suction clearance of the ear in case there will be a need
**Hearing screening using screen audiometry and WHO screening tools(app)
**Refferal to the appropriate center whose with hearing problem for pure tone audiometry plus other audiological assessments
The event will be conducted by members of Tanzania ENT society including ENT specialists,audiologist and nurses from 27/02 to 03/03/2023

Submitter: Liyombo Dr Edwin