Organization: Escuela de Fonoaudiología – Universidad de Valparaíso

Project title: Conversation at a primary health care center: Let’s talk about ear and hearing care.

Regions: Chile

Outline of the event:

As health professionals educators, particularly of speech pathologist/audiologist, we have the duty to collaborate with our community by raising awareness and guidance on the importance of hearing health. Because the primary care is essential to address the majority of hearing difficulties in the population, our Audiology and Balance department will carry out an event that aims to provide guidance on ear and hearing care to a group of primary care professionals. In a one hour session we also intend to collect the opinions and perceptions of the attendees, in order to detect particular needs for training and support at the primary health level in our community. Concrete material will be provided:
guidelines of auditory development for children, questionnaires of perception and impact of hearing loss and tinnitus for adult population, informative leaflets on access to governmental benefits, among others.

Submitter: Virginia Olivares