Organization: All Ears Cambodia

Project title: The 60s Up Project

Regions: Cambodia

Outline of the event:

The 60s Up Project is an innovative, educational and community-focused way to promote better ear and hearing health. And participation is fully inclusive. Although targeting older people – from nonagenarians down to minors – these sages for all ages will show the way forward and help promote better ear healthcare. By working with monks at local wats (Buddhist temples), the event will provide ear health education and hearing screens. The wats are community focal points for older people and play an important role in offering social support for vulnerable people. We’ll create awareness of age-related hearing loss and offer hearing tests and hearing aids for those in need. Radio air time will simultaneously deliver ear health awareness through a live call-in show. Focus will be on hearing and ageing whilst highlighting the need for regular hearing tests and the importance of early intervention, not least in combatting onset of dementia.

Submitter: Glyn Vaughan