Organization: RDHS Puttalam NCD unit

Project title: Ear and Hearing care training for Primary health care medical officers in Puttalam District Sri Lanka

Regions: Sri Lanka

Outline of the event:

The NCD Unit of RDHS Pittalam, Sri Lanka, intends to conduct a training programme for medical officers who work as primary care doctors at 46 primary medical care institutions (PMCUs) throughout the district in commemoration of World Hearing Day.
The event will be hosted on the premises of RDHS, and the resource speakers will include community physicians in and consultant otolaryngologists from the Hospital in Chilaw. We will equip 46 doctors who run NCD clinics in the Puttalam area and develop a referral route for PMCUs; as a result, after the training programme, they will be able to assess, diagnose, and make referrals to tertiary hospitals as necessary.
As a result, clients (around 15000 per year based on prior experience) attend NCD clinics will be put through a proper examination process and so receive proper ear and hearing care, rendering the theme “Ear and hearing care for all” a reality.

Submitter: Lochana Jayasinghe