Organization: Lebanese American University – Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

Project title: Hearing Awareness in the Community

Regions: Lebanon

Outline of the event:

The Department of Otolaryngology (faculty, residents, and audiologist) at the Lebanese American University will be organising a hearing awareness campaign on-site at the LAU campus in association with the local Health Clinic (Primary Care at the university). This campaign will target students, staff, and faculty spreading awareness regarding hearing protection especially in a young population and will also introduce the concept of hearing care and prevention in the primary care setting by involving the Family Doctors who work at the university health clinic. The booth will include flyers, posters, ear check-up, screening audiograms, earplugs distribution.
In a second part, the campaign will target a Primary Care centre in an under-serviced area to promote and encourage Family Practitioners there to care for their patients’ hearing by distributing flyers/manuals and doing a lecture to all family medicine practitioners and the management in the centre on hearing loss screening and hearing protection.

Submitter: Rana Barake