Organization: IMPACT Nepal

Project title: Celebration of World Hearing Day 2023

Regions: Nepal

Outline of the event:

Broadcasting of jingles:
Jingles with ear health messages will be aired 8 times a day from 10 February to 9 March 2021 through Daily Mail FM to aware 50,000 people on ear and hearing care.

Awareness rally:
An awareness rally will be organized where 500 people with banners and placards march celebrating World Hearing Day to raise awareness on ear health.

Ear screening and awareness in schools and communities:
IN Health Workers will conduct screening and awareness programs in 9 schools and 6 communities of Kailali and Kanchanpur where 2,000 students and other people undergo screening and 4,000 people will be sensitized on ear health.

Examination and treatment:
Hundred hearing impaired people referred from screening camps will be treated at IN ECC.

Ear surgery:
Among the referred patients, 5 will be operated at IN ECC.

Hearing aid support:
Among the referred patients, 5 needy will be provided hearing aids.

Submitter: IMPACT Nepal