Organization: 3M Poland & ATEST

Project title: Have you heard, noise is harmful? – hearing prevention in noisy workplaces

Regions: Poland

Outline of the event:

ATEST (journal for safety officers) together with 3M Poland (safety company) organize hybrid conference with expert’s discussion panel. This conference “Have you heard, noise is harmful? – hearing prevention in noisy workplaces” will be held in Wroclaw, Poland on 03.03.2023. The conference will be live streamed and available on-line for broader and open access. During the conference specialists and scientists will present hearing prevention from few angles: employers, Labour Inspection, social scientists, and employees. We will focus on explanation why the World Hearing Day matters, finding the best ways to engage of workers in real protection against noise. We will try to answer why well trained and aware workers don’t use their knowledge in practice and change their behaviors. We will discuss the ways to make more effective trainings eg with fit testing use. During the conference the audience will be able to ask experts, add comments or insights.

Submitter: Pawel Gorski