Organization: Shandong Provincial ENT Hospital

Project title: Ear and Hearingcare for all

Regions: China

Outline of the event:

1Social media posts and videos: TV interview and live streaming of hearing protection knowledge with ENT experts and Audiologists. We also reported all the activities in our local newspaper;2Ear and hearing care lectures: Simulated mild hearing loss and give lecturers to people with and without hearing loss to help them aware the importance of hearing protection;3Free Chinese Triple Digital Hearing Screening test:easy access with QR code to have a quick check of hearing loss;4Free consult on 3rd March 2023 (limited numbers, first come first serve) including the following items:
– Ear health: ENT doctors. Free for 50 patients
– Hearing tests: Audiologists. Free for 30 patients
– Deaf Gene consult: ENT doctors, Free for 50 patients
– Cochlear Implant fine tuning: Free for 10 patients
– Hearing aids fitting: Free for 20 patients
5Leaflets: WHO materials and hearing loss awareness/self-check information were offered for people with and without hearing loss.

Submitter: Liping Zhang