Organization: HearMi Ghana

Project title: HearMi Gnana aims at reducing the incidence of hearing loss in Ghana through education, routine ear and hearing screening to promote hearing health.

Regions: Ghana

Outline of the event:

1. Health education on prevention of hearing loss in schools, local TV and radio stations, churches, mosques and market centers and on the 1st and 2nd March, 2023.
2. On 3rd/March/2023, Education and Screening for ear and hearing of local factory workers in Juapong. Volta region, Ghana, west Africa.
3. Meeting with the regional director of health services on need to integrate ear and hearing care onto our primary health policy.
4. Social media engagements with the theme, #hashtags and flyers of this (2023) year’s World Hearing Day celebration.
5. Ear and hearing screening of judicial service workers on the 10/03/2023.
6. Meeting with the chief Justice and presentation of a petition/ request to the Minister of health to ensure that ear and hearing care is enrolled onto the National Health Insurance Scheme.
7. To initiate a research on hearing loss, hearing health in Ghana.