Organization: Pratibandhi Kalyan Kendra

Project title: Ear and Hearing Care for all

Regions: India

Outline of the event:

Integrating Ear and Hearing care within primary care :
Training and Orientation of grassroot level health workers and different health professionals of Primary health centres, block hospitals, Municipal corporations on integrating hearing care within primary care;
Screening and diagnostic assessments of children, adolescents and elderly, who are at a higher risk of hearing loss;
Arrangement of hearing aids for few children, hailing from socio-economically backward families;
Awareness programme with parents,NGOs,local clubs and rural cooperative societies;
Holding parents lead village level awareness programme on early identification and inclusion;
Holding seminar involving audiologist,ENT doctors, special educators, Govt officials and health functionaries
on how to incorporate Ear and Hearing care within primary health care systems and also highlighting
achievements of deaf children and persons who have been identified early and benefitted by using modern technological assistive devices and services.

Submitter: Subrata Banerjee