Organization: College of Medicine, University of Ibadan

Project title: Ear Care Delivery in Primary Health Centers

Regions: Nigeria

Outline of the event:

A seminar will be organized for policymakers in the Ministry of Health and related agencies.
The interactive seminar will entail discussions on:
Importance of inclusion Ear and Hearing Healthcare into primary healthcare services
Routes of incorporating Ear and Hearing Healthcare delivery using existing personnel and facilities in primary healthcare centers
Health insurance coverage of Ear and Hearing Healthcare to reduce/eliminate out-of-pocket expenses
Development of an implementation plan to introduce Ear and Hearing Healthcare delivery into primary healthcare services

After the seminar session above, a cross-section of healthcare workers selected from primary healthcare centers will be gathered and trained on basic Ear and Hearing Healthcare delivery. Record keeping of clinical cases using simplified notes will also be emphasized. Records will be reviewed at 3,6, and 9 months interval

Submitter: Adebolajo Adeyemo