Organization: Association d’Aide à l’Education de l’Enfant Handicapé (AAEEH)

Project title: Hearing care all, let’s joint effort to make it a reality

Regions: Benin, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Outline of the event:

The event will be global in hybrid or totally in virtual format . The aim is to raise awareness around hearing health care in low income communities.
We plan to bring together participants from sub saharan africa (Congo, Bénin) who will share the situation analysis on access to hear health care in their communities, discussion on consequences of hearing loss and how to prevent it. And a call for action to adresss hearing loss
We also plan to use WHO awareness material that our local partners will distribute and explain in local language in their communities
The online discussion will be published on our youtube channel in other to reach a large audience.

Submitter: NGO MELHA Ernestine