Organization: Department of Audiology (ENT), Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands

Project title: Let’s make hearing beautiful for everyone!

Regions: Netherlands

Outline of the event:

Oral communication is essential for humans for a lifetime, and so is the enjoyment of music. We want to make that clear to everyone, even if you are hard of hearing. We should all try to avoid misunderstandings. You can marvel at all kinds of beautiful aspects of sound, such as the Doppler effect, the sound barrier, sound illusions, infrasonic and ultrasonic sound, etc. You may suffer from annoying sound items, such as tinnitus, hyperacusis, misophonia, etc. On world hearing day, 3 March 2023, we will invite everyone to visit our event in in Leiden. At our event you will undergo a real sound experience that you have never been involved in before. In addition, several start-ups and scale-ups will show the promising innovations in audiology that are being worked on, so that hearing great sounds can be appreciated by everyone.

Submitter: Jan de Laat