Organization: PSA Charitable Foundation & The Speech-Language-Hearing Association of Taiwan & Clinico INC.

Project title: Action for Hearing Care

Regions: Website Western Pacific Region – throughout the region

Outline of the event:

The event aims to host a press conference for launching a simple hearing screening test. Hearing loss is a hidden illness which means it is hard to be self-perceived. However, low accessibility of standard hearing tests might be a problem to conduct comprehensive hearing care. We need a simple and effective method to administer hearing screening. PSA Charitable Foundation will launch a simple method that can be administered by the public. Several hearing health experts have been invited to discuss the importance of hearing health, and methods of simple hearing screening will be demonstrated by entertainers and YouTubers. With the help of experts and KOLs, we expect to raise awareness of hearing health and make hearing care a reality.

Submitter: Hsin Chen Ting