Organization: Eqkuiaccess Foundation

Project title: WHD 2022 Campaign

Regions: India

Outline of the event:

With the aim to target multiple sections of the population the following activities are planned:
1. Using Campus ambassador programme to have to Launch the Global Standards of safe listening entertainment venue and address the need to promote safe listening among young adults (Public Health), distributing earplugs and also having a set up for young people to experience how it feels to have hearing loss, to promote appreciation for hearing, and spread the message once you lose it, it won’t come back.
2. Pre on and post WHD webinar series for Public Health student /professional – to disseminate key information regarding the global/national status of hearing care in India and the call for action
3. Webinar and event with sign language interpreter, captioners and subtitles – to use WRH messages on rehabilitation approaches and the role of the unsung heroes in hearing rehabilitation.
4. Webinar on Hearing assistive technology and best practices – in involvement with industrial partners
5. An event to bring deaf kids seeking speech therapy and another group of children from deaf school using sing language to showcase the lived experiences of children with hearing loss seeking different communication strategy. Also event to show that children of all kinds coexist in this world.
6. In collaboration with partners, discussion, research and case study publication on the impact of hearing loss among older people. Informal focus group discussion to elaborate on the stigma and involve families of these individuals
7. Champion for hearing – Using a celebrity with Hearing loss in South India to bring forward positive messages of rehabilitation and life beyond hearing loss.
8. ISL translation of WHD material – in collaboration with National Association for Deaf
9. School campaign- to collaborate with school on raising awareness on effects of bad hearing behavior and effects unsafe listening behaviours and excessive use of earphones during the lockdown and associated online education from home. Screening of school students and teachers to see if the impact if any on hearing due to online education system- using the Hearing screening handbook guidance
10. Social Media challenge for professionals working with persons with hearing impairment to raise a stage for the professionals.
11. Month-long- awareness-raising campaign through social media
12. Hearing screening of workers in the industries located in NOIDA, India
13. Hearing screening and referral in communities of Delhi
14. Initiating an employment generation model for people with hearing loss.
15. Discussion of the safe listening standards in a venue playing the music at a safe level – exhibiting the concept of we can enjoy music forever if we listen safely
16. Silent Child- movie screening

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Submitter: Arjun Arjun