Organization: International Federation on Ageing

Project title: Making Ear and Hearing Care a Reality for Older Adults

Regions: International society member effort Canada

Outline of the event:

Hearing is an important element of healthy ageing and is recognized as a global issue by the World Health Organization (WHO) as outlined in the World Report on Hearing. The rise of hearing complications and the rapidly ageing global population will significantly increase the incidence of those with hearing loss and therein loss of function. In response to the gap in hearing care, the IFA is pleased to share plans to convene a Hearing in later life summit, in addition to the global cafe series, ‘Making Ear and Hearing Care a Reality for Older Adults’, in conversation with Dr. Kathy Pichora-Fuller, Professor Emerita in the Department of Psychology at the University of Toronto and Adjunct Professor in Gerontology at Simon Fraser University, on February 10th (7:00 am EST).

Join the conversation with the IFA and Dr Pichora-Fuller:

Submitter: Roxana Badiei