Organization: BestHear Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd

Project title: Healthy Listening Program, a community service project for the hearing-impaired in Chinese cities, counties and districts

Regions: China

Outline of the event:

The theme of World Hearing Day on March 3, 2023 is Ear And Hearing Care For All! Let’s make it a reality. Starting from the Asian Games in Hangzhou, BestHear and EzHear’s audiologists have jointly launched the Project of Asian Games for the Hearing-Impaired, to share the joy of listening and build a channel linking the hearing-impaired people and the society. BestHear and EzHear, in demonstration communities throughout the country, has carried out the inclusive health services of hearing health care, hearing health education, hearing screening and hearing rehabilitation, and tracked hearing health medical data, such as the influences of hearing intervention to the elderly’s cognitive impairment and mental life. This project will help with the implementation of Healthy China Initiative and the construction of model areas of spiritual prosperity.

Submitter: Ling Wang