Organization: Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, Mianyang Central Hospital

Project title: Hearing care, from diagnostic to rehabilitation along life’s way

Regions: China

Outline of the event:

Event one: Partening with the cochlear implant companies and the association for the disables, the ENT Dept. will perform a public service activity in which the kids in the city receiving cochlear implant and their parents will be educated of how to improve the hearing rehabilitation and maintain the cochlear implants, the cochlear implants will be adjusted in this activity and the kid will then receive the hearing tests by the audiologists.
Event two: The elderly in the nursing home will know what is age-related hearing loss and how to protect their hearing in this activity and a state-of-the-art automated audiometry will be introduced to screen the hearing function for the seniors and some of them will try hearing aid fitting to improve their hearing.

Submitter: Xia Li