Organization: Dr Dalia Tsimpida on behalf of the Department of Public Health, Policy and Systems, Institute of Population Health, The University of Liverpool

Project title: Listen Up: A Call for Systematic Hearing Health Monitoring and Policy Action

Regions: United Kingdom of Great Britan and Northern Ireland

Outline of the event:

In celebration of World Hearing Day 2023, Dr Dalia Tsimpida and colleagues are organising a series of activities to raise awareness about the importance of monitoring ear and hearing health indicators in public health surveillance systems.

These activities will include:

1. A public engagement event titled “Listen Up,” which will promote the World Health Organization’s theme of “Ear and Hearing Care for All.”

2. Creation of an animated short video titled “Listen Up: A Call for Systematic Hearing Health Monitoring and Policy Action”.

3. A policy-facing event to present the preliminary findings of a new project led by Dr. Dalia Tsimpida, which aims to investigate socio-spatial hearing health inequality in Cheshire and Merseyside Integrated Care System (ICS) to support evidence-based policy making.

4. Written evidence to the UK Parliament, emphasising the importance of including hearing health indicators in government plans and monitoring the severity of hearing loss across the country.

Submitter: Dialechti Tsimpida