Organization: Bundesverband der Hörsysteme-Industrie e.V.

Project title: Campaign for World Hearing Day in Germany

Regions: Austria, Germany, Switzerland

Outline of the event:

Broad German campaign organized each year throuh the campaign website Mailing campaign to around 3.000 hearing acousticians and ENT doctors. The campaign also contains: A radio feature for World Hearing Day.
Since January social media campaign: 3 posts per week on the BVHI Social Media Channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIN).
Press work with local and national media (collaboration with Tagesspiegel and Berliner Morgen with ads on World Hearing Day and the claim for a statutory hearing screening from the age of 50 onwards in Germany.
The BVHI also organized a Civey survey that was conducted in the target group of 50+ about their health consciousness in general and in relation to hearing tests.
The BVHI will publish two press releases: on the Civey survey (1.3) and on World Hearing Day (3.3) with political statements (see separate registered event in Berlin at the Bundestag).

Submitter: Stefan Zimmer