Organization: Government Hospital

Project title: I have the right to hear!

Regions: Bahrain

Outline of the event:

In collaboration between the main government hospital in Bahrain which contains the main Hearing and Cochlear Implant Unit, and “Sahabat Amal” which is expert in organising such events! Main aim is to increase the awareness level among public regarding early detection and treatment of hearing loss and its impact on the individual and society. Sponsors will contribute in education as well as highlighting successful stories of Hearing aid and cochlear implant users. Our platform will be in the shape of Cochlea and stations will comprise the patient journey in having her/his hearing fixed. It will also include free if charge consultations and hearing tests. In addition to a pre- and post-event surveys to confirm the impact of such events on increasing the awareness level.

Submitter: Maryam Sahwan