Organization: Hospital Santo Tomas

Project title: Promoting ear and hearing care

Regions: Panama

Outline of the event:

1. Hearing test to 200 or more patients and healthcare personnel on March 3 with personalized recommendations by ENT´s and Audiologists.
2. Sound pressure measurement in high risk areas of the hospital along with the maintenance team to evaluate measurements to decrease these levels.
3. Display banners with WHO recommendations in areas of high volume of traffic and give small informative talks near them
4. Distribute ear plugs to ICU personnel and short survey on changes in their wellbeing after a week of use
5. Distribute ear plugs to workers in high noise areas like laundry and ac machine room with a short survey before and afterwards
6. Distribute informative materials to patiets ,healthcare personnel, and passersby
7. Alliance with Lions Club of Panama for ear check and targeted lecture
8. Invite SENADIS illustrate the benefits to hearing loss patients
9. Invite television and press reporters

Submitter: Amarilis Melendez